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We at Wienerberger are always looking for ways to constantly improve the quality of our products. In line with our ambitious sustainability goals in the fields of decarbonization, biodiversity and circularity, Wienerberger develops products and solutions fit for the future.
View some of our innovations in the area of roof:

Wevolt X-Tile

Harvesting solar energy with beautiful simplicity

The Wevolt X-tile PV modules perfectly blend with the ceramic roof tiles, keeping the original optic and rhythm of the roof. They are robust and durable due to their laminated safety glass construction which encapsulates cutting edge premium photovoltaic technology. Maintenance-free and easy to install, the modules are designed and produced in the Netherlands by Exasun. 

Simplicity allows the roofers to easily mount them on the same wooden battens which are already installed to support the roof tiles, ensuring speed and flexibility. Available in black and in terracotta colours.

More information: Wienerberger Netherlands

Dachówka Koramic V11 - kolory: Antracyt, Bazalt, Tytan
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Studio F.A. Porsche V11 Design Tiles

Design and function united

A roof covers about half of the building envelope of a single family home and is therefore a great way to represent the personality of the owner. 

The new Tondach V11 roof tile by Wienerberger was developed in cooperation with the renowned design studio F. A. Porsche in Austria and is a timeless design piece with a significant V-shape. Designed and made in Austria and available in various Wienerberger countries.

Leadax Roov installation - Roller
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100% recycled waterproof membrane for flat roofing

Intended to be one of the most sustainable flat roofing membranes, LEADEX Roov has set itself an ambitious goal. Made from 100% recycled plastic PVB waste, a LEADEX Roov significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to current other (sustainable) roofings. 

Thanks to its white colour, it provides a strong sun reflection effect. The waterproofing membrane is recyclable and can be easily applied to all flat roof types including green roofs, blue (water management) roofs or terrace roofs. 

More information on leadaxroov.wienerberger.com

Designhouse in the south of Styria made with Tondach Tasche white-gray-antic, rooftiles, facade, Tasche eckig, single family house, Einfamilienhaus, Tasche weiß-grau-antik, Einfamilienhaus, Fassade
© Wienerberger Österreich

Clay roof tiles on the facade

A perfect whole

Roof tiles as expressive design elements on the facade - a current trend that is widely common among architects, roofers and home owners. Being sustainable, durable, inexpensive and easily installed, there are several arguments for roof tiles on the facade!

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