Building envelope solutions

We improve your quality of life with our innovative and ecological solutions for roofs, walls, facades and pavements.


Our innovative façade solutions


Our innovative roof solutions


Our innovative wall solutions

Pavers & Landscaping

Our innovative paving and landscaping solutions

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We at wienerberger have a long history in sustainable entrepreneurship and are continuously developing products and solutions to foster biodiversity, decarbonization and circularity. 

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Automatization in construction

Prefabrication and robotic systems help to counteract current issues such as skilled labour shortage and stringent safety regulations.

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wienerberger e4 house

The wienerberger e4 brick house is our complete housing solution named after its four key principles of ecology, economy, energy and emotion.

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Our renovation approach

wienerberger is a valuable partner for renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings as well as for historic roof renovation

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