Using renewable energy and energy sources which produce the lowest possible emissions are our number one priority during the drying and baking process.
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Decarbonization - Reducing CO2 emissions

Within the Wienerberger Group, we are committed to a reduction of CO2 emissions along the entire value chain – from design to sourcing to production and the end use of our products. Through targeted programs and measures, we aim to achieve the European Union's target of climate neutrality by 2050.

Decarbonization as a key pillar

How we reduce our CO2 emissions

Throughout our entire product lifecycle we focus on two main areas to decrease CO2 emissions:

  • Dematerialization and raw material efficiency - We carefully select our raw materials, increasingly use secondary raw materials and reduce the raw material input while maintaining the high quality of our products.
  • Energy efficiency - By increasingly using climate-neutral thermal sources of energy as well as working on new technologies that need less CO2 emissions, we are on our path to make our processes far more energy efficient and sustainable. 

"We will reduce our CO2 emissions by 15% by 2023 as compared to 2020."

Some of our products and services that contribute to decarbonization:

© Wienerberger UK
© Wienerberger UK

It may be hard to believe, but the narrower Eco-brick® reduces the carbon footprint by around 20% - 55% per square meter of facade compared to a traditional facing brick. This is due to a greater living space, less weight and less transportation emissions. Of course, aesthetics and product quality are the same as for the traditional format.

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© Egernsund Wienerberger A/S
© Egernsund Wienerberger A/S
LESS - sustainable brick collection

60-80% less CO2 emissions compared to a traditional facing brick - that is the Danish answer to our environmental challenges in construction. The brick series "LESS" by Egernsund Wienerberger scores with three holes to decrease raw material consumption and is burned with biogas. For this achievement, LESS has been nominated for the Byggeriet's Cimate Prize 2022.

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© Wienerberger S.A.S.
© Wienerberger S.A.S.

Less material, less emissions. Apart from the Eco-brick® for facades, we are continuously reducing our raw material input in other product categories such as wall and roof. Recently, Wienerberger France developed a low carbon clay block. The production process of the NATURbric® not only helps to reduce our energy consumption by 10 to 15%, but above all helps to improve the thermal performance of the brick.

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© Wienerberger B.V.
© Wienerberger B.V.
Wevolt Energy Roof

They almost look like regular roof tiles and yet they are so much more than that. The Wevolt X-tile PV modules perfectly blend with the ceramic roof tiles, are maintenance-free and easy to install. Available in black and terracotta colours, the Wevolt X-tiles are the ideal solution for a sustainable and aesthetic roof. 

Visualization of Wienerberger e4 house WOW
© Wienerberger s.r.o.
© Wienerberger s.r.o.
e4 House

With the Wienerberger e4 house, we make energy-efficient, healthy housing for single families possible and affordable. The solution is named after its four key principles ecology, economy, energy and emotion and was developed with experts to reduce the climate impact while at the same time allow home owners to realise their individual design plans. 


Green electricity, recovered heat utilisation and more - how we actively contribute to a sustainable world: 

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Our products and services

For facade, roof, wall and landscaping - always with our sustainable goals in mind

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Sustainability strategy 2023

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