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This is the time to create and innovate

Whether you dream of a winetasting in the Slovenian hills, are thinking about taking a tour on the newly opened Eco Campus in Paris or just enjoy marveling at London’s Victorian railway station – in this new issue of the architectum #39 we have got you covered! 

Mockup architectum 39 (EN)
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Modern vinery flirts with tradition

Maria and Michael Gross decided to move to the Slovenian vineyards where they would not only create their dream home but also their exceptional wines.

“The clients had a very clear idea of the roof colour using three different shades of red to achieve the desired patina effect. After a thorough discussion, we opted for Tondach custom-made roof tiles in three different shades of red. The result is spectacular and reflects the art of roofing in the old days,” explains architect Goran Dominko.

Mockup architectum 39 (EN)
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Rooted in heritage, reaching for the future

Fully renovating an almost 160-year-old railway station in the south of London, finding the products that will fit to the Victorian architecture style and all this while the station stays fully operational?

Challenge accepted, for the local practice, Benedict O’Looney Architects. Lead architect Benedict O’Looney explained: “wienerberger’s custom roof tiles perfectly echo the original Victorian design of the Peckham Rye Station roof, powerfully recreating the station’s original materiality. These new roof tiles are made to last, ensuring the station’s roof remains weather-tight and good looking for years to come. “

Mockup architectum 39 (EN)
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Painting the town red

Places where past and present collide always provide a unique atmosphere. One of these is a historic small town in Denmark.

Højer has now undergone an extensive revitalization, from the ground up – starting with the replacement of road and sidewalk pavements. Architect Erik Brandt Dam describes: “When you have an entire city in your hands, it is crucial to see and listen to what is already there and define the direction based on that. In the urban transformation, we have allowed the different periods and materials that make up the city’s building blocks to carry on the culture.” 

Mockup architectum 39 (EN)
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Contextuality is king

To make the leap from an abandoned industrial zone to a hip neighbourhood takes architectural masterminds and the right choice of products and colours.

In Vilnius a new district has been created this way, east of the old town. The architects’ key question: What conditions are needed today for a flexible, agile, and comfortable life have been answered here on the Paupys site with a wide variety of housing space - from one-room studio apartments to light-flooded five-room apartments with spacious terraces. Open courtyards and playgrounds serve as meeting zones and community areas. 

PURO hotel in Krakow Poland made with Binz 430 Terca brick
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