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Mockup architectum 37
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Brick: Linneaus Grafiet Zwart | Veritas Have, Norway
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The future of construction lies in creating sustainable, affordable (living) spaces

The new issue of architectum#37 takes you on a journey through 10 European countries, from a seven-story residential building in a hip district in Amsterdam, to spectacular privately owned houses in Germany, Lithuania and Romania. 

Mockup architectum 37
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Clay brick in three places

Architect Anja Engelshove: “Behind the house, there is a patch of forest with some old trees. Therefore, the idea was for the façade to make a strong visual impression and for the building materials to provide long service life and low maintenance despite the proximity to the forest and humidity.”

Fits like a glove – this beautiful house is made to measure for its owners. The homeowners decided to go with brick as their preferred material for pavers, façade as well as wall, because of its sustainability and of course its timeless beauty. Architects Jochen and Anja Engelshove told us about their work on this spectacular project and how the omnipresent topic of sustainability is starting to make its way into residential building.

Mockup architectum 37
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Heavenwards, step by step

“The change of elevation that is very striking and dramatic at this site underscores the existing harmony and creates new functional advantages,” explain the architects Marijan Hržić, Andrea Hržić Šesnić, Davor Mance.

For this urn grove close to Zagreb the architects chose a reserved and easily interpretable design and consciously integrated the natural surroundings as an element of life within the walls of eternity. 

Mockup architectum 37
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Rustic, modern and lively again

An authentic and modern atmosphere was the goal for the revival of this historical city center in Zevenbergen, Netherlands.

As part of the revitalization of Zevenbergen’s town-square, the cities old port was uncovered and has become a popular meeting ground for the inhabitants. With warm colors and cleverly planned patterns the town square all the way to the newly revitalized port now radiates rustic charm with a pleasant and authentic atmosphere.

Mockup architectum 37
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Knitted and burst open

“The pure essence of a home lies in its warmth and coziness”, is how the architect of this stunning residential house in Lithuania describes the intention and the buildings knitted look.

The parc Verkiai is one of Lithuania’s most beautiful and mystical places close to the city center of Vilnius. Embedded in these magical and calm surroundings, built on the cleverly named “fairy street” a newly built private house tells a story of its own. Main character in this story is the façade, which will put you under its spell right there at the first glance.

PURO hotel in Krakow Poland made with Binz 430 Terca brick
© Wienerberger Ceramika Budowlana Sp. z o.o.

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