Retro Vormauerziegel, Rustica Olde Wells, Oude-Serie, Umbau, Sanierung, ehemaliger Hühnerstall,, Engelshove Architekten, Haus Görlich,
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Mockup architectum 38 (EN)
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New construction houses | Tuinhof, Ameide
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Contemporary architecture must embrace a holistic approach – now more than ever

The latest issue of architectum #38 bridges the gap between the sheer architectural beauty of a building project and its affordability, environmentally-friendliness, and energy efficiency.

Mockup architectum 38 (EN)
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Green spaces and sunflower-yellow facades

Architect and Master Planner Luis Palacios: “The yellow façades reinforce the idea of the garden matrix. The sunflower houses face the sun like sunflowers.

The buildings are abstract and white, but the orientation towards the south and the gardens is reinforced by a bright yellow façade. This year, for my 40th birthday, I invited my family to Vienna to show them our designs and they were overwhelmed by how the open spaces are shared by so many people.”

Mockup architectum 38 (EN)
© Wienerberger AG

A new take on history

Architect Max Dudler: “When centuries-old building fabric is properly transferred into the present, modern, timeless architecture emerges.”

On a 120-year-old military site in Mannheim, Germany there have been created three residential buildings, a little town square and a daycare center. This urban ensamble creates a stunning arch from old to new. 

Mockup architectum 38 (EN)
© Wienerberger AG

Symphony of bricks

“We designed our façades using rhythms, proportions and strong colours. That’s how we created these distinct characters”, explains Marta Meijer of Dok architects.

Passing by these colorful façades passers by as well as residents can’t help but be in awe. The search for the right bricks for these 50 living units in Utrecht, in the Netherlands was not easy, but the harmonizing colors that were chosen now speak for themselves.

Mockup architectum 38 (EN)
© Wienerberger AG

Focusing on the Paradoxes of the brick

Nanna Flintholm, architect and partner at the Danish firm AART Architects. “As a building material, bricks have many advantages: it is a robust and durable material that ages gracefully and can be recycled under the right conditions.

But bricks also pose a challenge because manufacturing them consumes a great quantity of resources. Building with bricks in the future will require innovation and new approaches to the material, taking carbon emissions, consumption of resources and recycling into account.”

PURO hotel in Krakow Poland made with Binz 430 Terca brick
© Wienerberger Ceramika Budowlana Sp. z o.o.

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