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Landscaping - Innovations & Trends

We at Wienerberger are always looking for ways to constantly improve the quality of our products. In line with our ambitious sustainability goals in the fields of decarbonization, biodiversity and circularity, Wienerberger develops products and solutions fit for the future.
View some of our innovations and trends in the area of landscaping and paving:

PaveLock - Einstein® System

For heavy traffic volumes and high loads

The PaveLock - Einstein® System is a patented fully-interlocking system with integrated protection against shifting. The patented jointing technology concentrates on surfaces with heavy traffic volumes and high loads. The benefits:

  • no displacement or deformation of paving elements
  • no tilting or jamming of the paving edges even under the highest loads

Semmelrock concrete pavers and tiles with integrated PaveLock - Einstein® System are available in various formats, product lines and colours. 

ARTE paving

Traditional looks, modern paving

ARTE old town paving by Semmelrock combines traditional looks with modern paving requirements and is therefore especially suited for revitalizations of historical spaces as well as for applying special contrasts in modern architecture. With its high load-bearing capacity and quick and easy installation, ARTE pavers provide numerous application possibilities. Various laying patterns ensure unique designs, targeted to the customer's needs. 

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Permeable ground for drainage

In the case of heavy rainfalls, urban areas are often confronted with flooding or water pollution since around 95% of surface water directly ends up in the drainage system. To counteract this effect and also ensure that the root spaces below are watered, open or partially open surfaces are a very effective solution. Using wide joints enables the rain water to drain into the ground quickly and avoid flooding of drainage systems. 

Discover examples of sustainable paving solutions

Show gardens

Discover trends and innovations

The best way to decide for a paving or landscaping solution is to experience the products in "real life". Our show gardens exhibit a wide range of Semmelrock products, including walls, fences and more. Check out your nearest show garden and discover the latest trends and innovations in the world of landscaping!

Our show gardens:

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