Terca Pioenroos, Douro Porto Gereduceerd, Dinkelrood, Rutiel, Tigris Flash en Dommelrood Gereduceerd. Architect Bureau Kroner Architecten. Client Stichting Studentengroepswoning.nl. Contractor Parent Initiative Pickkers Consult BV. Year of completion 2017. Flowing facade for students, Utrecht.

Our innovative façade solutions

The many appearances of facing bricks can be found everywhere - on historic brick buildings just as in contemporary architecture. Whether traditional facing bricks, brick slips or ceramic panels: We offer products and system solutions for every kind of application.
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Facing bricks

Solid, ecological and sustainable

Fired facing bricks are solid, durable and the colours do not lose their radiance. As with all clay building materials, facing bricks are ecological and sustainable. They have a lifespan of more than 100 years, require hardly any maintenance and are therefore extremely economical. Like a second skin, they protect the house from wind and weather.

Every single facing brick is a design element and best suited to express the style and visions of the owner of the building – regardless whether in the interior or exterior, for single-family homes or multi-storey office buildings.

With our brand Terca, Wienerberger is successfully represented in Europe as the number one for facing bricks.



While keeping the quality and requirements for our Terca bricks the same, we go one step further to reduce the carbon footprint and have developed the Eco-brick. With its reduced width, we are able to lower CO2 emissions by 20 - 55% per square meter. 

Brick slips

Our Terca brick slips are thin “versions” of genuine bricks that provide the same look and properties as conventional facing brick. They offer a quick and easy way to transform the appearance of a whole building.

Customized brick

In addition to the standard range, Wienerberger supplies tailor-made solutions on a project basis.  This includes individual shapes, firing options, colours, surfaces and more.

ClickBrick System instalation image
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System Solutions

Whole systems for your facade

Our system solutions stand for quality, aesthetics and creativity. They include the substructure, fixing components and the product itself and thereby facilitate installation and maintenance. These are some of our main brands in the field of system solutions:

  • Corium, a mechanically fixed brick slip solution
  • ClickBrick, a circular dry-stacking system
  • Argeton/Argelite, a ceramic panel system
  • SVK, fibre cement panels


Mechanically fixed cladding system

Corium is a mechanically fixed ventilated cladding system for brick slips. The system comprises interlocking steel sections and has been used in a variety of building sectors, including residential, education, health care and retail.

Circular dry-stacking system

ClickBrick states a revolution in masonry - It is a 100% circular dry stack brick system that can be applied without any mortar or glue. In addition, installation is quick and easy. 

Ceramic panel system

Argeton is a ceramic panel element for ventilated facades that combines the naturalness of the material with modern fastening technology. The system consists of ceramic facade panels and a system-related substructure made of aluminum. 

Aesthetics - Customize your façade


Choose from an endless seeming range of colours.

Bond patterns

Unusual bond patterns give your building a completely distinctive and individual appearance. 


Rough or smooth, hand moulded or extruded -  Our texture generator tool (in your country) helps you to decide.


We coat the brick with a glass based substance - for your special effect.


From traditional to wirecut and extruded bricks for all applications - numerous possibilities available.


Standard format, Long format, Waalformat - You can choose from a variety of brick dimensions.


Different joint colours and pointing give your facade an entirely different look.

Prefabricated solutions

Simple installment and cost-efficiency with our prefabricated arches, chimneys, lintels and more decorative facade elements.

Facing bricks - Fields of application

There are varied applications for facing bricks when constructing new buildings, regardless whether these are single-family homes or apartment houses.

Facing bricks - Innovations

At Wienerberger, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our clients' living quality while maintaining high quality standards and a strong focus on sustainability.

Birchwood SP Clickbrick | New construction project De Oliphant | Haaksbergerweg, Amsterdam
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