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Our innovative landscaping solutions

Our products enhance the landscape we live in: from private gardens to public places, streets and walkways. Per year, around 17.000.000 m² are paved with our products. 
Visit your local Wienerberger website to be informed about all products and solutions. 

Products & Solutions

Creative design solutions

Modern design, a sophisticated ambience or pure and plain elegance – our aim is to open up new vistas for outdoor living solutions in private and public spaces.  Our clay pavers, Semmelrock concrete pavers, porcelain slabs and landscaping accessories provide endless design and application possibilities for private gardens, public spaces and historic places. Wienerberger is operating with the two main brands

  • Penter for clay pavers
  • Semmelrock for concrete pavers and accessories

Everything for your project from one source:

Semmelrock concrete pavers

By using selected raw materials for our concrete pavers we do not only achieve extreme durability but also add special appeal to our products. Through the use of selected materials such as natural stone chippings, sand and pigments we create our premium surface design.

Penter clay pavers

Our clay pavers are not only highly durable, ecological and reusable - they are also frost- and slip-proof and are ideal for drivable traffic areas. Available in a variety of colours and textures.

Semmelrock landscaping solutions

A key feature of well-designed gardens is the combination of different product systems for a complete landscaping solution. Walls and fences, steps and edgings help to shape any garden, to add structure, define borders and to create special features. 

Digital Solutions & Service

Visualization tool

You want to remodel your driveway, garden or terrace but are unsure how it would look or which type of product is the one for you? The Semmelrock GardenVisions App allows you to visualize your home environment with your preferred paving design. Just take a photo and mark the area you want to pave with your fingertips.

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Aesthetics - A variety of possible design solutions


Whether you like it colourful or neutral - Our product range offers various colours to choose from!


Plain, rough, natural, sanded, wooden or structured? You decide!


You can choose your style from historic to modern, from classical to design and many more.

Laying pattern

The way you lay the pavers/slabs has a huge impact on the property's visual appearance. 

Size & Shape

Whether small, medium or large; square, hexagon or rounded - select your desired size and shape!


Highlight your garden or public area with in-built LED lights or add guidance systems for the blind on community places or sidewalks.

Landscaping - Fields of application

Private gardens, urban landscapes, heritage projects - our products and solutions are applicable for a lot of use cases. 

Landscaping - Innovations

From Eco-Paving to our patented PaveLock - Einstein® System - discover the latest trends and innovations in the field of landscaping and paving!

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