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We at Wienerberger are always looking for ways to constantly improve the quality of our products. In line with our ambitious sustainability goals in the fields of decarbonization, biodiversity and circularity, Wienerberger develops products and solutions fit for the future.
View some of our innovations in the area of facing bricks:


An ecological revolution

The same aesthetic result and quality but less material, a better ecological footprint and more living space compared to a traditional facing brick? Yes, this is all reality with our Eco-brick®.

The narrower format of the Eco-brick® enables the CO2 footprint to be reduced by approx. 20 - 55% per square meter of facade. With the Eco-brick®, we create more living space, save weight and still have all the quality features and performance advantages of classic facing bricks. 

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Integrated wildlife boxes

Bat and bird boxes, bee bricks

Habibat Wienerberger integrated wildlife boxes provide durable and discrete habitats for British birds, bats and other species, increasing the biodiversity value of your project and complementing eco-friendly house designs. 

Wienerberger UK has partnered with Habibat to provide the most comprehensive range of wildlife products available on the market, produced in the UK to standard brick sizing for ease of installation. Our wildlife boxes can be faced in any brick type, regardless of manufacturer, stone finish or suitable for render. 

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Comparison ClickBrick Pure and ClickBrick Cube
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A breakthrough in circular brick architecture

Wienerberger ClickBrick is a unique, circular building system for dry stacking of bricks. With ClickBrick you can quickly and easily build remountable facades. We offer:

Building with ClickBrick is quick and easy, without mortar or glue. No specific expertise in bricklaying or bonding is required. For architects, the ClickBrick facade offers plenty of new possibilities to design buildings and facades with perpetual value.

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Designhouse in the south of Styria made with Tondach Tasche white-gray-antic, rooftiles, facade, Tasche eckig, single family house, Einfamilienhaus, Tasche weiß-grau-antik, Einfamilienhaus, Fassade
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Clay roof tiles on the facade

A perfect whole

Clay roof tiles have been successfully protecting buildings from wind and weather for centuries. Wienerberger knows that too. 

As experts, we are now going one step further and are using roof tiles as expressive design elements on the facade. We are thus following the current architectural trend towards ceramic facade elements. The rear-ventilated facade system is architecturally a particularly expressive style and design element that optimally combines design, functionality and sustainability.

Roof tiles on the facade offer many advantages for innovative roofers: They represent a very inexpensive facade variant and are quick and easy to assemble. The nail holes in the roof tiles can be punched through at the factory for installation on request, so that the facade is quickly and securely fixed.

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