Wienerberger e4 house

The Wienerberger e4 brick house is our complete housing solution named after its four key principles of ecology, economy, energy and emotion

The e4 principles


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Building a house with clay building materials means to build with a clear conscience. Why? Because clay blocks, bricks, roof tiles and pavers are made of a natural raw material that is available in almost unlimited quantities and extracted carefully with the greatest possible concern to the environment. Also: Clay products are mainly sourced regionally, resulting in more local jobs and less transport. That makes them particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable.



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Building a house with clay building materials means to make a reasonable investment. Why? Because modern clay masonry is a proven and well known building technique combined with innovative products and installation methods that help to reduce the material input and working hours. Every type of house can be built with clay building materials at a reasonable price and by a fixed date. And: Brick houses have a very long lifespan of more than 150 years and are nearly maintenance free. This helps to keep operating costs low.




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Building a house with clay building materials means to reduce climate change. Why? Because highest energy efficiency is possible with clay building materials! Due to their very good heat storage capacity together with excellent insulation properties they help to reduce total energy demand and CO2 emissions. Together with an innovative heating system a brick house minimizes the energy consumption and meets the strict nearly zero energy standards defined by the European Union that will take effect in 2020.



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Emotion & Health

Emotion & Health

Building a house with clay building materials means to create a high comfort of living. Why? Because a brick (clay block) house is healthy, comfortable, safe and beautiful:
A brick house is healthy because clay building materials don´t emit any pollutants into the indoor air. They are able to absorb humidity when the air in the room is damp and release it quickly when the air is dry. This prevents moisture in the building structure and thus also bacteria, spores and moulds as well as rottenness.

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Energy-efficient, healthy and affordable housing

2020 building directive by the European Union

A new house has to meet a lot of requirements. Not only personal ones, but also those imposed by third parties such as the 2020 building directive by the European Union for all newly constructed buildings. One of its objectives is to be 20% more energy-efficient by the year 2020, thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 20% and increasing the amount of renewable energies by 20%.

Wienerberger’s answer to this challenge is the e4 brick house concept in order to demonstrate what can be achieved with bricks and today’s technology.

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Development of e4 brick house concept

Several brick houses realized

Wienerberger has developed this concept together with experts to offer families an energy-efficient, healthy as well as affordable house. It reflects the increasing demand of private builders to make a statement in support of climate protection, while realising their own plans.

In recent years, several e4 brick houses have been realized across Europe, and there will be more. Find impressions of the first projects below.

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