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Our innovative roof solutions

wienerberger is the leading European provider of roofing systems and #1 in clay roof tiles. With 27 roof tile plants in 13 countries, we cover 290.000 roofs a year – which is about the roof surface of Paris! 
Visit your local wienerberger website to be informed about all products and solutions. 

Products & Solutions

Complete system solutions

We offer complete system solutions to optimize the performance and increase the durability of every roof. Our clay and concrete roof tiles, ceramic accessories and technical fittings provide numerous design and application possibilities for single-family homes, apartment blocks and commercial buildings. wienerberger is operating with the three main brands

  • Koramic in North Western Europe
  • Tondach in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Sandtoft in the UK

The product range of clay and concrete roof tiles is complemented by the local premium brands Keymer in the United Kingdom as well as Aléonard in France. 

100% of our new roof tiles are recyclable and reusable.

Aesthetic solar energy

Wevolt Energy Roof

Make a conscious choice and combine the best of both worlds: a beautiful roof and the benefits of solar energy. Sustainability and aesthetics go hand in hand with the Wevolt Energy Roof - Have a look and be convinced!


Circular roofing membrane

Leadax Roov

The smart circular flat roof covering solution made of PVB as its main raw material, a residual flow from safety glass, can cover all flat roof types. After its life expectancy of 50 years, it is recycled and reused for a new membrane. You would like to lower your carbon footprint? Discover more!


Everything for your roof from one source:

Roof tiles

Our clay and concrete roof tiles meet the requirements of modern house construction being available in a wide range of colours and finished with UV-resistant engobe-colouring. They protect the building, provide possibilities for the expression of regional identity and they are aesthetic and durable.

Ceramic accessories

Our ceramic accessories are designed and manufactured with care to perfectly match shape and colour of the field tiles, incorporating local traditions and aesthetical needs. Our wide range of accessory portfolio completes a long lasting full ceramic roof or façade.

Non-ceramic accessories

It is all in the details – non-ceramic accessories such as ventilation rolls, underlays, snow retention systems and many other technical fittings can optimize the roof and increase safety and longevity. 

Our most popular tools & services:


All4Roof is THE online platform for roofers. Whether precise visualization, broad product and accessory selection or quoting - literally all under one roof and easy to use! 

Digital calculators

Quantity calculators, sample orders, wind suction calculation and more: Our tools facilitate planning for end customers, roofers as well as building professionals.


For more than 200 years, wienerberger has stood for exceptional quality. This is reflected in our up to 30 years warranty on our products. 

Aesthetics - Decide on the look of your roof


From traditional red to modern grey tiles - Our product range offers more than 50 colours!


Flat look, subtle waves or strong wavy patterns? You decide!


You can choose your style from historic to modern, from mediterranean to cottage, from classical to design and many more.


We apply different engobes to achieve different matt colours; for a very reflective/shiny surface after firing, we add glass. 


From large, medium (standard) to small - We offer various formats for your dream roof.


For large projects, wienerberger makes an individualization of roof tiles possible.

Roof - Fields of application

Roof tiles on the facade? Absolutely! Discover the architectural trend of applying roof tiles on all surfaces of the building. 

Roof - Innovations

Roof-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems are the future. Check out this and many more innovations in our roof portfolio, such as the new Tondach V11 tile designed by Studio F.A. Porsche.

 Hotel & Feriendorf VILA VITA Pannonia | Tondach Vintage in Engobe weiß-grau-antik
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Keymer Heritage Roof Tiles

Heritage roofing projects by wienerberger in the UK deal with the bespoke replication of historical roof profiles and features.

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