For us and our future generations

Sustainability at Wienerberger Building Solutions is firmly embedded within the corporate strategy. As a leading international provider of building materials and infrastructure solutions, we want to make a difference - for a livable future. We are focusing constantly on developments in the fields of environmental protection, economic sustainability as well as social responsibility. 

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For our climate

Protecting and preserving the environment

We have clear and ambitious targets to support the European Green Deal. The Wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023 focuses specifically on decarbonization, circularity and biodiversity.

Our efforts include the carbon emissions and energy reductions in production, use of recycled raw materials and final products, nature conservation at extraction sites, avoidance of hazardous substances and additives, renewable energy sources and many more. 

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For our employees and humanity

Safety & health, business ethics & social impact

At Wienerberger, we consider the economy as an integral part of society which has the obligation to serve people and create value for everybody.

For us, this responsibility encompasses creating the framework for a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, suppliers and all other stakeholders. We are observing ethical principles in all our actions, promoting equal opportunities regardsless of gender, culture, religion, etc., and acting as a reliable and contributing member of society. 

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The e4 brick house concept

Energy-efficient living

The Wienerberger e4 house concept was developed with the 2020 building directive by the European Union in mind, aiming towards energy-efficiency and sustainable building, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 20% and increasing the amount of utilized renewable energies by 20%.

Wienerberger has developed the e4 concept with experts to offer families an energy-efficient, healthy as well as affordable house. It reflects the growing wish of many private home-builders to make a statement in support of climate protection, while simultaneously realizing their own plans. 

New nature because of clay extraction
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