Stormwater management at Pomorie lake in Bulgaria

Biodiversity - Respecting flora and fauna

As a producing company, we depend on natural resources. While we are committed to providing top-quality products, we are at the same time preserving the environment to the best of our abilities. Step by step, our clay extraction sites are converted into habitats for plants and animals that are at risk of extinction.

Biodiversity as part of our business model

How we achieve our sustainability goals

We have a clear aim: By 2023, a biodiversity action plan will be in place at all production sites and offices.

What we do to achieve this target? Our measures include:

  • Nature conservation during clay mining and the subsequent use of extraction sites
  • Avoidance of hazardous substances
  • Contribution of products to the enhancement of biodiversity

"We have set ourselves a clear goal: By 2023, we will implement a biodiversity action plan at all Wienerberger production and office sites."

Some of our products and services to foster biodiversity:


To address the issue of urban overheating and floodings of drainage systems, open or partially open surfaces make sure that rain water can drain into the ground quickly. The diverse benefits include the watering of root spaces below the surfaces, urban cooling due to evaporation and less floodings. The wide joints of our clay Eco-Pavers allow water to into the soil quickly. 

Integrated wildlife boxes

Whether birds, bats or bees - especially in urban areas, Habitat Wienerberger wildlife boxes provide durable eco-habitats for all kind of species. Simply replace a standard facing brick or roof tile with a specifically designed bee brick, a bird box, a bird/bat access roof tile or bat box. The boxes are produced in cooperation with Habitat in the UK and can be faced in any brick type.

Climate-friendly raw materials

We are continuously improving our raw material mixes to avoid hazardous substances for aggregates and additives. Wienerberger meets all legal requirements at the European, national, and regional levels regarding the avoidance and substitution of hazardous substances, especially in raw materials. The result: Same product quality, but better for our environment.

New nature because of clay extraction

How we actively contribute to a sustainable world: 

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Our products and services

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Sustainability strategy 2023

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