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GardenVisions Mobile App

Visualize your paved area easily!

GardenVisions Mobile App

Visualize your paved area easily!

Design your own patio, driveway or garden paving with Semmelrock GardenVisions app!

You are only steps away from adding your perfectly designed paved surface to your home!
Whether it’s a patio, driveway or garden paving with the Semmelrock GardenVisions app, your creativity will be enabled by our products!
You are building a new house, or you want to remodel your driveway or terrace?
You are still undecided which kind of product, colour or texture ideally completes your project? 

Just take a picture mark the parts you want to pave. You can then choose from numerous colors, textures and styles of pavers as well as your preferred jointing sand color. After careful consideration of all your options, once you have aligned the area and its surroundings with the product you liked the most you can save and share your finished visualization or e-mail it directly to Semmelrock for further follow-up.

My home, my project

Visualize just in a few steps how the product of your choice will look like installed in your home environment

Starting out

Download the app from your App Store for free and open it on your smartphone or tablet.

Choose your area

Upload a photo of your home environment and simply mark the area to be paved.

Find your ideal product

Let your creativity flow and choose the product that complements your project best.

Time for some fine-tuning

Select your preferred colour of the jointing material for a perfect look of your paved area.

Last touch-ups

Change the perspective and zoom in and out to achieve the ideal dimensions of your pavers.

Compare and Decide

Try different possibilities by selecting different products or joint colours. Finalize your design.

Save, share, send!

Save your design for later, share it to your family and friends, or send it directly to us!

Make it happen

Send your visualization with just one click to us for further follow-up to make your project come true.

Download the GardenVisions App

The app is compatible with mobile phones and tablets and available for free download on the App Store and on Google Play.

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