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Design your own patio, driveway or garden paving with Semmelrock GardenVisions app!

You want to remodel your driveway or terrace but are unsure how it would look,
or which type of product is the one for you?
Semmelrock GardenVisions allows you to visualize your home environment with your preferred paving design. Just take a photo and mark the area you want to pave with your fingertips. Choose from over 100 realistic colours, textures and styles of pavers as well as your preferred jointing sand colour. Simply adjust the surface into the right perspective by using tools in app. You can save and share your finished visualization or e-mail it directly to Semmelrock for further follow-up.

Visualize your perfect patio or driveway

The GardenVisions App can be used on both, your smartphone and tablet, in landscape and portrait rotation of your mobile device.

Find the best solution for your project

Compare different product solutions for the paved surface in your home environment.

Free download

GardenVisions is available via App Store and on Google Play.

Quick and easy

Planning made easy with fingertips - so everyone becomes a landscape designer.

Smartphone and tablet

GardenVisions can be used on both, your smartphone and tablet, in landscape and portrait rotation of your mobile device.

Guided app journey

No need to view complex user manuals, the integrated app tour guides you through the app journey.

My home, my project

Visualize how the product of your choice will look like installed in your home environment.

Make the right choice

Patio or driveway? Find the most suitable product for your project based on product type and load-bearing capacity.

Fine-tune the appearance of your paved area

Select the right colour of the jointing material for a perfect look.

Compare various visualizations

Create various albums and compare different product solutions.

Make it happen

Send your visualization with just one click to us for further follow-up to make your project come true.

Download the GardenVisions App  

The app is compatible with mobile phones and tablets and available for free download on the App Store and on Google Play.

Google Play

Available for free.

App Store

Available for free.

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