New construction outdoor space | Service center, Rucphen | Pavers mix: Nero, Omber, Paviona and Siena DF | Architect: Elings landscape, Heeswijk-Dinther | Client: Township Rucphen | Contractor: Van Esch, Berkel-Enschot | Realization: 2012

Advantages and benefits of Wienerberger pavers

Wienerberger paving solutions offer strong and characteristic aesthetic and much more benefits

Clay pavers do come with a lot of advantages

  • Natural floor covering made of high-quality, extra hard fired clay, which is therefore extremely hardwearing, durable and reusable.
  • As clay pavers can only absorb minimum quantities of water, they are extremely resistant to frost, dirt, environmental pollution, chemicals, and forces of nature.
  • Permanently beautiful, colourfast and non-fading natural colours. No severe weather is able to harm them.
  • Thanks to their slightly rough surface, clay pavers are slip-proof, abrasion-proof and anti-skid and thus always safe to walk on.
  • Clay pavers have an excellent life cycle assessment. Joints avoid problematic soil sealing and allow almost 40 percent of rainwater to drain off into the ground and not into the sewer network.
  • Ideal for demanding timeless designs: wide choice allowing easy and creative paving.
  • Clay pavers are actually maintenance-free once they have been professionally installed. Cleaning can be left to the next shower of rain.

Benefits of concrete pavers

  • Concrete pavers inspire through their multitude of textures and appearances.
  • Our pavers are offered in an abundance of different shapes, dimensions and thickness.
  • Product families are characterized by the vast selection of complementing elements for our concrete pavers and slabs.
  • Many of our pavers are refined with a surface protection technology, which counteracts the effects of soiling and weathering.
  • Eco paving solutions such as grid pavers or pavers with larger distance holders for wider joints have a positive influence on the microclimate.
  • Many of our concrete pavers are equipped with the special interlocking system, which was developed especially for surfaces with heavy traffic volumes and high loads.