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We care for our environment

The three environmental pillars of our sustainability strategy:

We don't talk. We act:

Solar energy

More than 17,000 photovoltaic panels supply a large part of the energy needs

Uttendorf demonstration plant

Reducing gas consumption by a third through waste heat recovery

Biodiversity Action Plans

Renaturation of former clay pits, bee hives and more - what we do to foster flora and fauna

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15% less CO2 emissions by 2023 as compared to 2020

Green electricity at our sites and technological innovations along our entire value chain pave the way to minimizing CO2 emissions. Climate-neutral bricks and photovoltaic roof riles are just some of the many innovative products we offer/are working on.

Wienerberger Sustainability & ircularity
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100% recyclable or reusable Wienerberger products

In order to ensure long-term availability of raw materials, increasing our amount of recycled or secondary raw materials used in production is of great importance to Wienerberger. 

The results: Longer Life Cycles, Lower Material Consumption, Environmental Benefits.

Stormwater management at Pomorie lake in Bulgaria
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Supporting flora and fauna

To maintain and increase biodiversity as much as possible, we created the Biodiversity Action Plan which will be implemented to all our production sites by 2023. By avoiding hazardous substances in our production processes, replenishing clay extraction sites and developing recyclable and environmentally-friendly products, we do our best to provide habitats for flora and fauna.

RO 1st e4 house/Prima casa e4 din Romania
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The e4 brick house concept

Energy-efficient housing

The Wienerberger e4 house concept was developed with the 2020 building directive by the European Union in mind, aiming towards energy-efficiency and sustainable building, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 20% and increasing the amount of utilized renewable energies by 20%.

Wienerberger has developed the e4 concept with experts to offer families an energy-efficient, healthy as well as affordable house. 

Watch the sustainability talks by Wienerberger's sustainability manager Mark van Loon and architect Daniel Zimmermann:

Thoughtful boy looking at stacked miniature bricks

For further information, please refer to the Wienerberger sustainability reports.

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