Female architect looking at technical drawing at construction site

Clay blocks for walls

Wienerberger clay blocks offer many advantages

Lifespan of more than 100 years

Our clay blocks meet all requirements on modern house construction

Clay blocks by Wienerberger meet all requirements on modern house construction: they provide thermal insulation, are energy-efficient, sound insulating and fireproof, allow flexible planning and construction works and are ecological and sustainable.

Owing to their lifespan of more than 100 years and their limited maintenance requirements, clay blocks are also extremely economical. Not only is a solid building made of clay blocks and facing bricks durable and safe, it also saves energy because brick walls keep rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. Moreover, they regulate the temperatures and air humidity in the interior and thus provide for a pleasant indoor climate – without the need of an air-conditioning system. Additional advantages are earthquake and fire protection as well as sound insulation. 

"Clay blocks are particularly natural and healthy. They are able to breathe, store heat and optimally balance room air humidity and temperature. In short: clay blocks provide for a healthy and pleasant room climate" environmental analyst Peter Tappler.

The versatile applicability of clay blocks for solid, safe walls requires a comprehensive product range, from clay blocks for highly insulating exterior walls and sound insulating interior walls, to special blocks for ceilings and specific details to offer a homogenous shell construction.