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Clay blocks fields of application

At Wienerberger we offer our customers a comprehensive product range of clay blocks for cost- and energy efficient shell construction – for single-family homes, apartment houses and public buildings

Cost-efficient shell construction

With its Porotherm product range, Wienerberger offers the right clay block for every demand, for all types of walls and wall structures such as:
  • thermally insulating exterior walls and interior walls
  • sound-insulating walls, load-bearing and non-bearing
  • earthquake-proof walls
  • fire walls
  • brick ceilings
  • thermal insulation for energy-efficient renovation
The product range is complemented with lintels above doors and window openings, special or shaped clay blocks for specific details, system-optimised mortar or brickwork adhesive and special tools for quick, easy and safe laying.

External walls

There are four popular variants for external walls made of clay blocks:

Monolithic external wall

Sustainable and future oriented construction method

It consists of just one wall construction material (other than plaster and mortar). Here, the Porotherm clay block fulfils the requirements for thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire protection and static, no additional insulation is necessary. This massive clay wall stores heat and is open for diffusion, thus ensuring a pleasant indoor climate. Following the trend of low-energy and passive houses, which can be achieved with monolithic external walls, this is an especially sustainable and future oriented construction method.

Cavity wall with facing bricks

Very durable and require almost no maintenance

This type of cavity wall is one of the most important external wall constructions in many European countries. It consists of a load-bearing clay block wall, a thermal insulation layer, a ventilation gap and a façade made of facing bricks, which adds an aesthetical value as facing bricks come in all colours and shapes, are very durable and require almost no maintenance.

Cavity wall with a plaster façade

Façade is made of plastered slim Porotherm clay block

In this type of cavity wall construction, the façade is not made of facing bricks, but of plastered slim Porotherm clay block. Most commonly the two clay block walls are separated by a thermal insulation layer, but recent developments show that it can also be built without the insulation layer, by using an insulating clay block on the outside and by this creating a larger thermal mass, or with the new slim Porotherm WDF filled with mineral wool or Perlite for internal and external insulation.

External wall with additional thermal insulation

Additional layer of thermal insulation applied externally

An additional layer of thermal insulation is applied externally to a Porotherm clay block wall. In a construction with additional insulation, the Porotherm clay block takes over not only the static functions, but also those of sound insulation and heat storage.

Internal Walls

Porotherm walls

Porotherm load-bearing and non-bearing internal walls are the ideal combination of optimal fire protection and sound insulation. The clay blocks offer a uniform plastering base, simple and safe fixing option and a high static safety.

Clay floor system

Healthy and comfortable room climate

The clay floor system creates the ideal conditions for a healthy and comfortable room climate, whereby the clay floor system is particularly well suited for single family homes. They offer highest flexibility in planning and use, thanks to the simple system components of “load-bearing beams and inlay bricks”. Additional advantages are their favourable biological construction properties thanks to the low content of concrete and reinforcement and their optimal storage capacity which provides for an ideal indoor climate. Combined with brick walls, brick ceilings build an uniform plastering base for the whole shell construction.

Thermal insulation for outside and inside

Durable and ecologically friendly

The Porotherm / Poroton WDF thermal insulation system is one of the latest developments by Schlagmann in Germany, a joint venture of Wienerberger. It is a solid slim clay block filled with mineral wool or Perlite, which is a natural insulating material. It has especially been developed for energy-related internal and external refurbishment of existing buildings and offers many advantages, as it is simple to apply, provides high levels of fire protection, and is very durable and ecologically friendly.