Leipan 301 Zwart Geglazuurd, Blauw Gesmoord, Antraciet 736, Toscane 873, Rustiek 872, Leikleur Mat Geglazuurd 705, Bruin Geglazuurd 670 en Wijnrood Geglazuurd 514 | New Construction Office Building Kompak | Munnikenheiweg, Etten-Leur | Architect: Harold van de Ven, Best Architecten, Best | Client: Kompak

Our innovative roof solutions

Clay roof tiles protect the building, provide possibilities for the expression of regional identity and cultural heritage, they are aesthetic and durable

Clay roof tiles

We provide the impact of a timeless modern roof

Our clay roof tiles meet the requirements of modern house construction being available in a wide range of colours and finished with UV-resistant colouring and are easily processed.

Clay roof tiles are applied for single-family homes and apartment houses, office and industrial buildings as well as for refurbishment projects. No matter if a pitched or flat roof, a hip or saddle roof must be tiled, all roof shapes are feasible and every desired effect can be achieved – from modern to traditional and from classic to extravagant. With our products we provide the visual impact of a timeless modern roof together with the distinctive character of natural clay. The appeal of this material when combined with other visual elements lies in its subtlety, symmetry, natural elegance, timeless perfection. The product line ranges from contemporary flat tiles with “engobe” to natural plain tiles as they have been used for centuries.