Preschool of 1325 m2 and High Environmental Quality building. Ecole maternelle Simone Veil, 1 rue Nelson Mandela 94390 VILLIERS SUR MARNE. Panels Argeton Barro 50 x 50 Emaillé Rouge, Bleu clair, Jaune, Lilas, Rose.

Our innovative façade systems

 Our systems stands for quality, aesthetics and creativity

Timeless modern façade

Character of clay as a natural product

Our clay façade panel system was developed as a back-ventilated façade cladding made from clay. The aim was to create a timeless modern façade with the unmistakable character of clay as a natural product.

Today our system stands for quality, aesthetics and creativity. An innovative and cost effective ceramic cladding, based on the proven principle of the ventilated cavity, using natural clay panels attached to a substructure.

The natural beauty and symmetry of the façade is created by contrasting the smooth faced tile with the precise joint. Whether as the main theme cladding or as a feature, the clean lines and aesthetic charm of the façade panels offer many design possibilities. Manufactured in over twenty captivating colours. panels can be smooth faced, profiled, textured, engobed or glazed – creating a big variety of creative options.

They enhance modern buildings and lend them a contemporary character. Clay paneled façades also keep their good looks for decades.