Flamenco VB WF | New Construction Bridge De Oversteek | Nijmegen | Architect: Ney & Partners, Brussels | Client: Township Nijmegen | Completion Date: 2013-01-01

Facing bricks fields of application

There are varied applications for facing bricks when constructing new buildings, regardless whether these are single-family homes or apartment houses

What facing bricks can be used for

Variety of application fields

  • Cavity walls
  • Design of aesthetically appealing exterior walls – colour nuances create contrasts so that every new perspective generates a new appearance
  • Decorative interior walls
  • Fireplace
  • Garden walls

Renovation projects often use so-called brick slips in combination with a composite thermal insulation system. That way you can enrich your inconspicuous façade through both structure and colour within a short period of time.
The same applies to the non-residential construction segment. Here, a popular solution is the back-ventilated curtain façade with ceramic façade elements.