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Our innovative façade solutions

The many appearances of facing bricks can be found everywhere - on historic brick buildings just as in contemporary architecture where facing bricks are used to achieve amazing effects

Stylistic devices for façade design

Our facing bricks are solid, ecological and sustainable

Fired facing bricks are solid, durable and practically maintenance-free. Their colours do not lose their radiance. As with all clay building materials, facing bricks are ecological and sustainable. They have a lifespan of more than 100 years, require hardly any maintenance and are therefore extremely economical.

Facing bricks are one of the most attractive architectural stylistic devices used in façade design. Every single facing brick is a design element and best suited to express the style and visions of the owner of the building – regardless whether in the interior or exterior, for single-family homes or multi-storey office buildings.

Wienerberger supplies a varied range of facing bricks for façades and gardens, terraces and open areas, which are used as identity-generating wall elements. The wide selection of colours, formats and surfaces in combination with various laying patterns and mortar colours allows countless possible designs. Furthermore, facing bricks protect the building and its occupants against cold, moisture as well as heat, and they are absolutely fireproof.

Brick slips

Exposed natural brick is a trend that is growing

Our slips are thin “sections” of genuine bricks that provide the same look as conventional facing brick . Slips offer a flexible way to get the style you want and can be fitted internally or externally to a range of surfaces.

With our extensive range of exposed brick cladding solutions in styles, colours and textures, you can quickly and easily create inspirational internal spaces with a timeless combination of heritage and modernity.

Furthermore, when it comes to external cladding, nothing comes close to the aesthetic of natural clay bricks. Our low maintenance and highly durable brick slips can create external facades that enhance the appearance of your business, ensuring that you always make a great first impression.

As an extremely versatile cladding solution, brick slips offer a quick and easy way to transform the appearance of a whole building.

There are varied applications for facing bricks when constructing new buildings, regardless whether these are single-family homes or apartment houses.