Man with blueprint in unfinished building thinking

Natural building materials made of clay are energy saving

A natural and local raw material

Building with bricks, clay blocks, roof tiles and pavers

Made of the natural resources clay and water in nearby production plants and used locally

That avoids long transport routes. An energy-efficient production process saves resources. With the continuous optimisation of production processes, the use of biogenic additives and renewable energy sources we deliberately configure a more efficient production process. The specific energy consumption as well as specific CO2 emissions are reduced, and the share of renewable electric energy is further increased.  

There is continually growing number of people who also want to make a contribution to climate protection when building their own home. They specifically look for sustainable, ecological and energy-efficient construction system and building concepts.  

As a result, the complexity of planning and constructing has increased in recent years. In order to make a building meet all contemporary demands, much more expertise is required than before.

Building a private home

When building a private home, numerous decisions already have to be made in the planning phase.

  • What materials would I like to build with (keyword: thermal building envelope)?
    As a result of experience gathered over centuries and continuous innovation, bricks and clay blocks fulfil all requirements on optimised high-quality construction.

  • How can I gain control of an efficient use of energy without being an energy expert?
    By trusting in Wienerberger products and solutions, one firstly complies with the requirements on energy-efficient building and secondly, one fulfils individual needs.

  • Does my investment in a house also have a guaranteed value in the long-term?
    Houses and apartments built of brick, clay blocks and roof tiles are an investment for generations. 

  • How can I contribute to climate protection and simultaneously implement a suitable home?
    With an e4 brick house, one makes a considerable contribution to climate protection owing to lower values for primary energy demand and CO2 emissions, whilst simultaneously being able to take advantage of an architectural design.

  • What construction and maintenance costs do I have to expect over the entire lifecycle of the building?
    Today, clay building materials allow quick, flexible and exact construction in a short period of time with little material input. This saves both time and money.