Building together on sustainability and circularity

Wienerberger has a long history in sustainable entrepreneurship and has great ambitions to build a sustainable, circular future. For example, we continuously invest in new developments, in the reuse of raw materials, in products and in a longer lifespan for buildings. Reducing waste, reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring the safety of our employees are also central to Wienerberger. We want to contribute to a sustainable living environment, without exhausting natural resources and affecting ecosystems. We do not do this alone, preferably we work in close cooperation with the market, our partners and stakeholders.

Wienerberger Sustainability and circularity illustration with English desscription
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Wienerberger Sustainable raw materials
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Sustainable raw materials

Local clay as a sustainable, renewable basis

Sustainability starts with the base. With clay as the basis for ceramic materials, Wienerberger is committed to sustainable raw material extraction. Clay is a renewable resource, infinitely and locally available. The sustainable extraction of clay contributes to new habitats for nature and more biodiversity.

Wienerberger Sustainable production
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Sustainable manufacturing

Building on a sustainable and circular product portfolio

Wienerberger produces locally, as sustainable and energy-consciously as possible. With our own energy teams we continuously work on energy savings and transitions. We also reduce materials and energy usage by making our products narrower, slimmer or with cut-outs where possible. We reuse production waste and loss in our production processes and water wastage is prevented by closed production processes. Our employees also pay attention when it comes to working safely and sustainably.

Wienerberger Sustainable & circular productportfolio
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Sustainable and circular product portfolio

Building a sustainable and circular product portfolio

The development of a sustainable and circular product portfolio requires continuous investments in knowledge and R&D. With our quality focus, we extend the lifespan of our products. In addition, we continuously invest in realizing environmental gains. Our product portfolio increasingly contains circular construction systems for modular construction, reusable products and residual material. We make conscious choices in the use of responsible, sustainable raw materials.

Wienerberger Sustainable & circular building
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Sustainable and circular construction

Sustainable and circular construction means looking at things differently and further

Sustainable and circular designing and constructing means thinking carefully about (future) use. During the use phase, adaptations must be easy to realize and used products or materials must be reusable as much as possible after exploitation. We are increasing our potential by taking a different view of the building environment and the construction of a building.

Wienerberger Sustainable & fixed value exploitation
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Sustainable, value stable operation

Ceramics for a sustainable and value stable operation

The use of bricks, clay blocks and rooftiles is sustainable and value stable. First of all, ceramic products are characterized by an extremely long lifespan, which can reach up to a hundred years and more. Ceramic products are also colour proof, permanently beautiful and virtually maintenance free. In this way they contribute to a sustainable, value stable operation.

Wienerberger Re-use
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High quality re-use

Reuse with maximum value retention

Wienerberger consciously focuses on the development, production and application of sustainable and circular products and processes. Modular construction systems, reuse of products and materials while maintaining their value is central to this. Products are reused where possible. We also use secondary material for the production of new ceramic products.